Our Service

Clinical Speech and Language Assessment (can be conducted in Cantonese and English)
• Pre-linguistic Skills
• Symbolic Play Skills
• Oromotor Skills
• Feeding and Swallowing
• Articulation
• Receptive and Expressive Language Skills (Auditory Comprehension & Verbal Expression)
• Voice
• Fluency of Speech

Speech/Language Therapy
• Pre-Linguistics Skills – aims to increasing child’s communicative intent, included: eye contact, response to sounds, imitation skills and play skills.
• Oromotor Skills – aims to increase speech clarity and swallowing ability
Training will focus on improving your child’s oral muscles strength, co-ordination and range of movements.
• Articulation Skills – aims to improve clarity of speech.
• Receptive and Expressive Language – aims to enhance your child’s language development in auditory comprehension and verbal expression, including ability to follow commands, understand different forms of questions, language structures, and so on.
• Language Use in Social Settings (Pragmatic Skills) – aims to maximize social language skills via Social Thinking Program, FloorTime , Theory of Mind and Social Thinking training.
• Voice – aims to train appropriate use of voice without vocal strain/abuse and vocal misuse – such as muscle relaxation, breathing pattern, voice projection, vocal hygiene maintenance, and so on.
• Fluency of Speech – aims to maximize speech intelligibility with minimized stuttering features.


Early intervention is recommended, contact us to make appointment for consultation.